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Domestic Violence

A Domestic Violence Lawyer
Can Make All the Difference in Your Case

Domestic violence charges have far-reaching consequences. Not only could you go to jail, but you could also lose some important rights—including visitation or child custody. All too often, people accused of domestic violence face punishments that are far more severe than they should be. Working with a domestic violence lawyer is a must if you want to get the best possible outcome in your case. Rock Hill, SC attorney Leland B. Greeley is ready to stand up for your rights.

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How Are Domestic Violence Charges Determined?

In South Carolina, a person can be charged with domestic violence if they cause injury or physical harm to someone else in their household. Charges may also be brought forth if injury or harm is threatened or attempted. Depending on the severity of the act or accusation, domestic violence can be either a misdemeanor or a felony.

What Will a Domestic Violence Attorney Do to Help You?

Evidence plays a critical role in a domestic violence case. So does the testimony of any witnesses. A domestic violence attorney knows which questions need to be asked and which details are most important. When you work with Leland B. Greeley, you’ll have decades of experience on your side. Together with our staff, Mr. Greeley will make sure all the necessary evidence is gathered and presented in the best way to the courts. We’ll fight to make sure your side of the story is accurately represented, giving you the best chance at a beneficial outcome.

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